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30 January 2012

Let's write the constitution

Stephen Pax Leonard signs the Declaration Photo: Max McClure

Stephen Pax Leonard signs the Declaration Photo: Max McClure

Today we launch the online constitution for Nowhereisland. Law blogger Carl Gardner, this week's Resident Thinker, suggests, "Our constitution – the set of principles that define us – is 'cumulative'. Not finished and not ready, but always in, like Nowhereisland itself, a state of becoming. We will build and shape it with the propositions we make. Because it’s 'open to all citizens', you’re invited to create its contents and because it’s 'consensual', you’ll write it not just through proposals but by your readings and reactions. It will always be speaking – but listening is a part of our drafting work, too. What a principle means to you today is no less important that what your daughter thinks of it tomorrow – and no more. All will have 'the right to be heard' and, because new propositions will be made and responses will shift, our constitution is 'subject to change'.

Not fixed, not final and not what’s gone before: I think this way of constitution-making suits our island well." 

Let's get writing!

18 January 2012

Speak to the nation

Have you heard about the Resident Thinker competition? Have you been reading the Resident Thinker Letters and have something to say? Well now's your chance.

We’ve kept five of the prestigious 52 Resident Thinker weeks open for this competition and we’re asking people of any age and interests to enter, either individually or as part of a group. It’s your opportunity to have your say, reach thousands of Nowherians around the world and read their replies.

Take a look at the competition guidelines here. Deadline is 30 March, so get writing, filming and recording and spread the word!

11 January 2012

Alex Hartley's playlist

"Friday’s here and who better to create the first Phaidon Muse Music playlist of 2012 than an artist whose work will form part of the artistic backdrop to the Olympics this coming July. British artist Alex Hartley has chosen the music that helps him think, create and execute. We hope it will put a similarly positive spin on your weekend. Hartley’s work takes many forms, existing as wall-based photographic compositions to room-sized architectural installations." Check it out here!

6 January 2012

Join Live Debate today on Cultural Olympiad

Claire Doherty, Director of Situations, will be joining a live chat panel today with Ruth Mackenzie, Director of the Cultural Olympiad London 2012 Festival. Join the debate

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Nowhereisland is a Situations project led by artist Alex Hartley, one of 12 Artist Taking the Lead projects for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad funded by Arts Council England. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of the West of England, Bristol; Bloomberg; Nicky Wilson Jupiter Artland; the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Yellowbrick Tracking.

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