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12 April 2011

Our first event!

Max McCLure Photography

Plymouth Arts Centre event

Last week we held our first event. Thanks to all at Plymouth Arts Centre and a capacity crowd. Artist, Bryony Gillard, had helped put this together, inviting local mixologists to come up with new Nowhereisland-themed cocktails, which helped to create a welcoming atmosphere. There were even bespoke beer mats!

After so many behind-the-scenes meetings it felt good to talk in public about the project. There were some great comments and questions; many wanted us to focus on the critical, serious aspects of Nowhereisland and not to become too distracted by the more whimsical. Of course, we’ll need both and the challenge is to get the balance right.

Earlier on we’d looked at our final two options for anchoring points for Nowhereisland and places on land for The Embassy. This search for the ‘perfect location’ is an interesting  part of the process in itself – do we go for central, high profile locations where we are guaranteed 1000s of visitors or slightly quieter, idyllic settings?

6 April 2011

Nowhereisland needs you!


With 478 days to go to the arrival of Nowhereisland in Weymouth, the whole team has been working flat out to realise this epic endeavour. We head up to the High Arctic this September to collect the island material, and we’re busy putting together our expert team of pioneers who will accompany us on this voyage. As the island material leaves the jurisdiction of all recognised nation states, 200 nautical miles from any land-mass, we will declare Nowhereisland a new micronation. These first settlers will help us define the initial structure and direction of the new nation, constructing Nowhereisland’s constitution and Bill of Rights.

We welcome our first project champions – Tim Smit, inspirational Co-Founder of the Eden Project and chef, broadcaster and food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Both have been fantastically helpful and generous with advice and support.

Nowhereisland needs you! We look forward to registering and involving as many potential citizens as possible. We want and need our citizens to take an active role in the direction and stance our new nation will take – and we hope to be able to offer many ways to have your voice heard.

Please join us, follow us, and tell your friends about us.

Register for regular updates and to find out how to have your say on the future of Nowhereisland.

Alex Hartley

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Nowhereisland is a Situations project led by artist Alex Hartley, one of 12 Artist Taking the Lead projects for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad funded by Arts Council England. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of the West of England, Bristol; Bloomberg; Nicky Wilson Jupiter Artland; the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Yellowbrick Tracking.

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