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11 September 2012

Journey's end

To all the citizens, participants, friends, ambassadors and hosts, sailors and pilots, weather forecasters, harbour-masters, musicians, painters, sculptors, cider brewers, cooks, pirates, wild swimmers, tree-planters, conductors, orchestras and bands, marchers, protestors, resident thinkers, loud activists and quiet contemplators, constitution proposers, photographers, film-makers, converted protractors and devoted pilgrims – you made Nowhereisland.

Thank you.



2 September 2012

Nowhereisland on the move

Film: David Bickerstaff

10 August 2012

The journey so far

Photo: Max McClure

Photo: Max McClure

Photo: Max McClure

Photo: David Bickerstaff

Photo: Simon Keitch


Photo: Rob Gillies

Find out more about the events and stories so far and follow the journey.

Have you been a part of Nowhereisland so far? Contribute your photos, videos and stories.

5 August 2012

Welcome Nowhereisland (video)


Filmed by David Bickerstaff and Razaka Firmager. Edited by David Bickerstaff

25 July 2012

Nowhereisland arrives

What a day! Nowhereisland arrived at lunchtime on Wednesday 25th to crowds who'd gathered to welcome the Arctic island along with its Embassy and Ambassadors.

Photo: Max McClure

Photo: David Bickerstaff

24 July 2012

Awaiting Nowhereisland on Furzy Cliff


15 July 2012

Nowhereisland at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival


Photo Max McClure

9 July 2012

Nowhereisland Radio needs you!

Get your message onto the airwaves...

An important part of our Nowhereisland Radio project is hearing the voices of people in Plymouth. Community members from the four broadcast areas will be involved in presenting and delivering content on the day of the broadcast but...WE NEED YOU!...visit the Nowhereisland Radio site postcard section and add your own 'message in a bottle' to be read out during broadcasts.  Whether it's a song request, special message, a favourite quote or something random...get involved and get in contact!

9 June 2012

The Embassy has its first outing in Bristol

The Nowhereisland Embassy has its first outing this weekend in Bristol as part of Big Green Week.

The amazing mobile museum arrived into Bristol city centre to sunny skies hosted by the Nowhereisland Ambassadors. Come and see us tomorrow 12 - 5pm.


29 May 2012

Tidene newspaper's front page


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Nowhereisland is a Situations project led by artist Alex Hartley, one of 12 Artist Taking the Lead projects for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad funded by Arts Council England. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of the West of England, Bristol; Bloomberg; Nicky Wilson Jupiter Artland; the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Yellowbrick Tracking.

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